Market Street is the most important multi-modal corridor in San Francisco. It integrates three levels of public transportation and carries almost 250,000 passengers a day on the surface alone. On a typical weekday, over 200,000 people walk along its length, getting to work, going shopping, visiting museums and enjoying the sites of the city. Additionally, cycling is becoming an increasingly important and popular method of getting around, with bicycles outnumbering vehicles at various times during the day.


The current design accommodates the demands of the various modes, but it falls short of its potential. There are points of significant conflict between bicycles and vehicles; large volumes of fast-moving traffic crossing Market Street create barriers for pedestrians; and the odd angles of intersections on the north side result in unusually long and awkward places for people to cross. The City believes more can and should be done to dramatically improve the efficiency, safety and comfort of mobility through the corridor.


Overarching Mobility Goal for Market Street:

Optimize sustainable mobility modes (transit, walking and cycling) to be pleasant, reliable, efficient and safe for all users.

Achieving this vision, however, will require changes to how the roadway is designed, which modes get priority in the limited roadway, and how vehicles circulate throughout the area. In addition, the mobility demands placed on Market Street will need to be balanced against the need for creating more inviting public spaces. As of July 2014, the project team has incorporated public feedback and finalized three design options with significant transportation and streetscape improvements.


The Better Market Street project engages the public in an exciting visioning process for the future of Market Street. Please visit this site frequently to learn of upcoming events, project updates, and to share your thoughts and ideas. By leaving a comment on this website, your email address will automatically be added to the mailing list announcing open participation events.

Better Market Street: Fact Sheet

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Better Market Street:
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