Participate in the Better Market Street Community Working Group (CWG)

In September 2010, the Better Market Street (BMS) project formed a Community Working Group (CWG), formerly know as the Community Advisory Committee (CAC), from a diverse selection of demographic, geographic and advocacy groups. During the conceptual design phase, the CAC functioned as an effective means of communication between the BMS project team and local residents, business owners and community representatives.


The BMS CWG will:

  • Represent interest groups from throughout the City and County of San Francisco, with an emphasis on constituencies working and living within the project area.
  • Hold regular meetings.
  • Hear project presentations on the approach, content and data at appropriate times.
  • Allow comments and points of view of participants to be heard and recorded.
  • Ensure that the project team is aware of community priorities.
  • Provide a channel to disseminate project information to the community and for the project team to receive feedback from the community.
  • Hear updates and provide advice about our City partners' complementary projects on Market Street.


Attend a CWG meeting:

The next Community Working Group meeting will be held on:

6:00pm - 7:30pm
Public Works University
30 Van Ness Ave, Suite 3900 [ map ]


Download meeting agendas and minutes:

Meeting agendas and minutes of the phase II CWG will be posted here as they become available.


Meeting Date Agendas Minutes / Presentations / Etc.
November 18, 2019 Meeting Agenda  
September 30, 2019 Meeting Agenda  
July 29, 2019 Meeting Agenda  
May 20, 2019 Meeting Agenda  
March 25, 2019 Meeting Agenda  
January 28, 2019 Meeting Agenda  
November 26, 2018    
September 24, 2018    
July 30, 2018    
January 29, 2018    
September 25, 2017    
August 28, 2017   Presentation
July 31, 2017   Presentation
March 28, 2016 Meeting Agenda  
March 30, 2015 Meeting Agenda Minutes / Presentation
January 26, 2015 Meeting Agenda Minutes / Presentation
October 27, 2014 Meeting Agenda Minutes / Presentation
August 25, 2014 Meeting Agenda Minutes / Presentation
June 30, 2014 Meeting Agenda Minutes / Presentation
March 31, 2014 Meeting Agenda Minutes / Presentation
September 30, 2013 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes
June 24, 2013 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2013 Meeting Agenda Minutes / Presentation / Sign-In Sheet
April 30, 2012 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2012 Meeting Agenda  
November 28, 2011 Meeting Agenda  
June 27, 2011 Meeting Minutes
March 28, 2011 Meeting Agenda  

What is the Community Working Group?

The CWG is a forum for hearing peoples' ideas. It is a place where agencies present proposed projects and programs. It provides a forum for engaging the community and incorporating feedback into the process. In San Francisco, special efforts are made to include representatives from the disabled, minority and non-English speaking communities.


The CWG molds participants into a working group. It is democratic and representative of varying points-of-view, with equal status for each participant. It is a forum where people can learn more about technical issues for a specific project. It provides an overview of the coordinated process and project milestones among participating agencies. This forum also allows the opportunity for members to request assistance, gain more clarity and seek answers to questions.